Plastic Crates
The plastic crates are made with plastic material and are used in the industries for carrying the goods. The crates are of good strength and easily carry the fruits, vegetables, personal care products etc. 

Full Pack Crates
The full pack crates are used for carrying the delicate items that needs high protection. These crates are fully packed with no visible holes. They are sturdier and widely demanded for storage and transportation. 

Dairy Milk Pouch & Partition Crates
The dairy milk pouch and partition crates are used in the milk sector for storing the milk pouches and transportation of them. These help in protecting the pouches from getting torn during the transportation. 

Multi Purpose Fruit & Vegetable Crates
The multi purpose fruit and vegetable crates are used to carry, store, and transport the vegetables. These are having holes which provides breathability. The durability of them is also high. 

Industrial And Domestic Crates
The industrial and domestic crates are used for storing and for shipping of the products. These are reusable containers made up of strong material. The crates can store different kinds of solid products. 

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